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Ocean State Job Lot Charitable Foundation

The Ocean State Job Lot Charitable Foundation was created to reinforce Job Lot’s strong commitment to the communities where our stores are located, and we are delighted to assist programs for food security, literacy and other types of local charitable organizations.

Our contributions never stop. As masters of the bargain, we can acquire and donate a truckload of food, clothes or books for a fraction of the cost that others can. So why do we give so much back? Because we want to, we can and we’re good at it. Our company believes success comes in many forms, and we feel truly successful when we contribute to the communities where we live and work.

Hunger Relief

This year Job Lot will be distributing over 200 tractor trailer loads of food to those in need throughout the Northeast. All in all, it will total 8 million pounds of food donated. Thank you for being a partner in our hunger relief efforts.

Military and Veteran Support

In the first six months of 2017, together we have donated more than $300,000 in merchandise, such as much-needed boots, jackets and other useful Job Lot merchandise to various programs benefitting our service members and veterans.

Children’s Literacy

Last year we donated 300,000 books to school departments and children’s programs throughout the Northeast. So far this year, we have donated 80,000 more!


The Ocean State Job Lot Charitable Foundation’s contributions to hospitals, cancer research and children with autism exceed $1,000,000 every year.

These are only some of the highlights from the many charitable contributions your donations helped support this past year. With everyone pulling together, we partnered with over 100 local, grassroots organizations to help them reach their goals.